Teen Tips

: All 13/14 year olds will now be offered a booster dose of the MENINGITIS vaccine starting this Summer...

: Around 1 in 10 young people self harm at some point. It's much more common than people think! We ALL need to talk about it.

: If you have ANY worries about mental health stuff there IS help...     

: Worried about OCD? Then check out... bit.ly/11LteBs for more info. 

: All the basics about contraception in one easy table... bit.ly/14W87k1 

 does not make you dramatic or weird. It happens to more people than you know. There IS help out there - check 

: If you are struggling with  speak to someone - check out  or ask for referral to local CAMHS service.

: It's  - get yourself checked easily & for free! Find your local clinic here: bit.ly/14W87k1

: If you are struggling with self harm there is help available. Ask to be referred to your local CAMHS service or check 

:  If you have unexplained & persistent: pain, a lump, weight loss, tiredness or a change in a mole - make sure you get checked!

:  If you have hay fever, try showering if you've been outside for a long time to wash the pollen off/out of your hair!

: Hay fever season is round the corner - get some non-sedating antihistamines & stay indoors in peak times if possible!

: Guys, when you hit puberty it's normal to get some 'breast' development because of hormones - will get better with time.

: If you take the pill (for whatever reason) & you're getting bad headaches/migraines see doc ASAP as may need to stop/change.

: Excessive headaches (particularly in the morning) and vomiting? Best get checked by doc in case it's anything sinister.

: If you have diabetes, your blood sugar can be harder to control as you hit puberty. Watch it & don't forget the insulin!

: It's a good idea to check your testicles regularly for unusual lumps & bumps - best time is after a shower/bath 

: Symptoms of testicular cancer include a painless lump, a dull ache, or feeling of heaviness in the scrotum.

: Testicular cancer is uncommon but tends to affect young men - the outlook is good if caught early. Make sure you check!

: STD's often have NO symptoms. If you are having sex make sure you get checked - it's free, easy & confidential!

: If you are losing lots weight & not actually trying to do so you should see your doc for a check.

: For all YP - have you checked out @TheSite ? Lots of info on money, work, health, sex, drugs etc! thesite.org

: Did you know if you have OCD you can get help from your GP? Behavioural & medicine treatment can help - ask!

: Seen blood in your poo? Likely innocent cause (like piles) or could be more serious (like inflammatory bowel disease).

: Want to learn some common #BritishSignLanguage words? Go to britishsignlanguage.com

: Girls make sure you get the HPV vaccine. Gay guys ask about the Hep B vaccine 

: Condoms come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours & flavours. Make sure you have yours! 

: If you are on the pill let your doctor know if you are taking any other medications - especially antibiotics 

: Lots of people wait until they are ready to have sex - don't feel pressurised. Nothing wrong with taking your time 

: You can now take the morning-after pill up to 5 days after unprotected sex 

: You can catch STI's from oral sex too - use protection 

: Condoms & Femidoms (& abstinence) are the best protection against STI's 

: You can still get pregnant if you have sex whilst on your period - use protection 

: You can do a simple, quick test for Chlamydia at home for free! http://freetest.me.uk/ #SexSmart

: Getting a sexual health check is easy, confidential & smart - head down to your local GUM clinic 

: The HPV vaccine is the best form of defence we have against cervical cancer - make sure you get it!

: Using sunbeds is illegal for under 18s - it's OK to fake it! Some great products: St. Tropez, Dove, Boots, Piz Buin, Soltan.

: Marathon tips - to aid recovery make sure you warm down, drink plenty, have a carb-rich meal, and take a cold shower (reduces inflammation)!

: Teen years are when you want to explore your sexuality... Be aware of STI's & stay safe - ALWAYS use protection.

: Do you get more headaches in hot weather? Might be because you're getting dehydrated - drinking more will help.

: Losing weight is something that should be done slowly, sensibly & sustainably. It's all about calorie input & output.

: If you have asthma use your brown inhaler regularly when you get a cold/hay fever. Use the blue on when you need it.

: Self harm is not something you have to deal with alone. There's lots of help out there - just ask! http://www.nshn.co.uk

: The appendix is an evolutionary remnant from our herbivore days - doesn't really serve a purpose anymore but can cause trouble!

: Revising for exams? Make sure you get plenty of sleep in the few days up to your exam - will help you remember stuff!

: Stressed about exams? Check out my revision tips in my blog!

: Keep getting headaches at school? Make sure you get your eyes tested - you might need glasses.

: Rather than last-minute cramming, take some time to relax & sort your thoughts before the exam.

: Eat complex carbs and stay hydrated before the exam to get your brain working at it's best. Have some chocolate too!

: Complex carbs include grain, oats, brain, driend fruit, cereal, brown rice, beans etc. Make sure you have plenty of water too.

: Get plenty of sleep in the days running up to the exam to help your brain sort & store information.

: Read through the whole exam paper at the start - helps you plan your time & your brain will think ahead without you knowing.

: Depression symptoms include low mood, loss of interest, poor sleep, appetite changes, sleep disturbance and substance abuse.

: There is help available if you think you might have depression - it can be treated with talk therapy and medicines.

: You may feel it but you are NEVER alone in your depression - just ask for help (ask your GP or give @YoungMindsUK a shout).

: Chlamydia is the most commonly diagnosed STI in the UK - it affects both men and women - most people have no symptoms.

: You can now do a quick urine test for chlamydia yourself - it's completely confidential & you don't have to be examined.

: Untreated chlamydia can cause serious eye infections in newborn babies - if you are pregnant & worried ask for a test.

: For more information on chlamydia & getting a free urine test go to http://bit.ly/mrTiBd

: Deliberate self harm is a recognised medical problem and deserves to be taken seriously - don't be afraid to ask for help.

: The pill is over 99% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies but will not prevent STI's - condoms help do both.

: Pill can also be used for period problems, endometriosis & acne - but isn't suitable for everyone & can have side-effects.

: Severe diarrhoes will also reduce the effectiveness of the pill - make sure you use additional protection.

: Did you know that donating bone marrow can now be as simple as just having a blood test? http://www.anthonynolan.org.

: Looking after yourself is SO important in diabetes - otherwise it can damage your eyes, heart & kidneys.

: DKA is a serious complication of diabetes & is potentially fatal - prevent it by making sure you take your insulin properly.

: Sweat too much? No-one wants to talk about it but I have? Check out my blog...

: the pill is over 99% effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies but will not prevent STI's - condoms help do both.