Parent Tips

: It's hard to hear the words 'can't find a cause'. Doesn't mean we can't help. Accept the unexpected & provide right support.

: Did you know that just one unit of adult blood can help several premature babies?

: Quitting smoking isn't easy, but it doesn't get easier with time! Quit now! Some great advice & info:

: If you smoke your children are more likely to suffer from things like breathing problems, ear infections & meningitis

: Reading to your child from the age of 6 months helps to improve their speech & language and literacy skills!

: Factor 30 sunblock (with UVA & UVB) gives more than adequate protection for whole family - higher factors don't do much more! 

: If you're heading out in the sun today make sure you put on some sunblock - factor 30 is fine for the whole family!

: Want to know more about recognizing child sexual abuse & what you can do to protect kids? Check out  &!

: Best way to prevent Norovirus? Stay away from people with symptoms & good hand hygiene! Sufferers stay inside & rehydrate!

: Keep your Personal Child Health Record (red book) up-to-date & take it with you to appointments/hospital - it really helps!

: Lupus is very significant if you are trying to/do get pregnant - make sure you speak to your doc about it first 

: Lupus is an autoimmune condition, mainly affects women aged 15-50 & has a classic 'butterfly' rash on the face 

: Did you know if you smoke your kids have a higher chance of breathing problems, chest infections, ear infections & meningitis?

: Don't label yourself/kids as 'penicillin allergic' unless told by doc - may cause unnecessary problems with treatment.

: Link between smoking & premature birth/low birth weight shown again in recent research - more reason for everyone to quit!

: If you have a genetic condition in the family, you can ask to see a Geneticist for advice before having your own kids.

: Don't force toddlers to finish their plate - as long as they have a healthy diet & growing normally it's ok!

: If you feel a cold coming on then taking Zinc early on may help reduce your symptoms/length of illness (apparently).

: If you are HIV-positive & pregnant, with treatment you can prevent passing it on to your baby 

: If you do decide to get your child circumcised then make sure it is done in a PROPER place (clinic) as can go wrong.

: Reason 1: if the foreskin is too tight. Reason 2: if recurrent infections.

: There are only 2 MEDICAL reasons for circumcision in the developed world - all others are NOT necessary & may be dangerous.

: If breast-feeding doesn't work for you don't worry! It's not for everyone.  There are other perfectly acceptable options!

: Many hospitals have a breast-feeding specialist - as to see them if you're having problems whilst you're there.

: If you are having difficulties breast-feeding ask your midwife/HV if there are any BF workshops nearby - some are great!

: Remember to get the flu vaccine if you qualify (check with GP/pharmacist) - it also covers for swine flu.

: ALWAYS check the label on cold & flu medicine - lots of them contain paracetamol so be careful you don't take too much!

: Mild postnatal depression can be helped with extra support. If worse then there is treatment. Don't be afraid to ask.

: Postnatal depression is actually quite common - speak to your midwife/health visitor if you are worried. Ask for help!

: A new baby is hard work - try to get energy-rich food, exercise & sleep into your routine as much as you can.

: Don't try excluding things from your kid's diet without your doctor knowing - you may end up causing a deficiency!

: Folks, just because you are allergic to something doesn't mean your kids will be! So don't avoid things unnecessarily!

: There is NO accurate blood test for intolerance. There IS for allergy. Don't believe the private companies!

: Make sure you teach kids about home safety - keep medicines locked away, checmicals in cupboards, & hide matches/lighters!

: Got stomach ulcers? Make sure your doctor has tested you for H. Pylori bug & be careful with NSAID meds (like ibuprofen).

: Want to learn some common #BritishSignLanguage words? Go to

: Just donating you umbilical cord blood (totally harmless & painless) can help save lives!

: New mums don't forget to look after yourselves - keep iron levels up with dried fruit, green vegetables and red meat.

: Did you know breastfeeding helpes you lose baby weight & is a natural contraceptive? (not 100% reliable though!).

: Looking for something to keep the little ones entertained? Check out the 'Big and Small' app by @kindlent. Hours of fun!

: Having skin-to-skin time with your newborn helps them relax & feed - make sure you put a cover over them though!

: Dads can do skin-to-skin too!

: If you think your child is allergic to cow's milk, switching to soya may not help because many people cross-react.

: Breast is best but it is not easy & requires a lot of support to get it right - don't feel bad if you can't do it!

: Is your child a fussy eater? Take charge of mealtimes but don't force them to eat something they don't like.

: If you're breastfeeding and your milk supply is low, you can ask your GP for medication to help improve it.

: If you have problems with low blood pressure, make sure you drink plenty, get lots of iron and increase your dietary salt.

: Exercise & low blood pressure? Do it lying down, try squats/lunges, and be careful with sauna's or hot-room/Bikram Yoga!

: Want to boost energy levels after childbirth? Eat complex carbs & fruit, try a vitamin supplement, massages & sleep!

: Baby blues? Make sure you have a routine, sleep when baby sleeps, eat well, get out, try to exercise. See GP if bad.

: Post-partum thyroiditis can develop up to a year after a baby - ask GP for a test if you feel excessivly tired.

: Depression in teens is increasingly recognised due to stress in growing up, hormones, parental conflict & societal pressures.

: Now something a little light-hearted - check out the 'My Little Piano' app - great fun wau to keep the tots entertained!

: Smoking in pregnancy reduces birth weight & increases miscarriage, premature birth, cot death & breathing problems.

: Did you know that donating bone marrow can now be as simple as having a blood test?

: Ethnic minorities are still vastly under-represented on the Bone Marrow Register. Join now:

: EVERY mother should consider donating cord blood after delivery - it's free, safe and saves lives!

: Common signs that might be due to diabetes - lethargy, drinking & peeing lots. Pop into your GP to get a quick test.

: If you are diabetic & pregnant make sure you watch your blood sugar control - it can have serious effects on your baby.

: Diabetes in pregnancy doesn't just make your baby big - they are also at increased risk of birth defects & stillbirth.

: If you had diabetes in pregnancy your baby may need to stay in hospital after birth to ensure their blood sugar is stable.

: Remember to ask your midwife if your baby needs a BCG vaccine - TB is on the increase again!

: Organ donation saves lives. Did you know one adult liver can be split to help another adult AND child? @NHSBT

: You can even donate just by a simple blood test - stem cells can now be donated easily & help so many people. @NHSBT

: Think about the last time you or womeone you know needed a blood transfusion... What would you do if there wasn't any?

: Did you know that just ONE adult blood unit can provide ALL of the transfusions a premature baby may need? @NHSBT

: Your risk of having a child with Down Syndrome goes up steeply after the age of 35 - but it can happen to younger.

: Every pregnancy should have a risk assessment for Down Syndrome - usually a scan +/- a blood test.

: If you are offered a HIV test in pregnancy do it! Many do not know they are infected & you can prevent passing it on.

: HIV testing saves lives of adults & children. Don't be afraid - we are here to help. Make sure you get it done.