Work It - How To Get Hired!

job_search.jpgBeing a young person trying to get a decent job is tough - we've all been there!

Luckily, there's lots of great advice and information out there on how to improve your chances - especially with the recent BBC #UpForHire campaign.

Here's some of the tips I've picked up (all those years ago!)...





  • Don't be too fussy - we all have to start somewhere and you might have to do something that you don't enjoy just to get to where you want to.  Trust me I've been there - I've picked vegetables on a farm and manufactured mattresses!
  • Sign up with as many job agencies as you can and regularly check any relevant websites.
  • Try writing to companies that you are interested in working for to see if they are looking - you've got nothing to lose!  Include a brief cover letter and a CV.
  • Make sure your CV is structured and clear - divide it into sections.  Include: personal information, education and qualifications, previous experience, hobbies and references.
  • Your CV should ideally be 1-2 pages long, on WHITE paper, in BLACK easy-to-read font (Arial/Calibri/Times New Roman, size 10-12).
  • If you get an interview, BE SMART - no-one's saying wear a three-piece suit, but don't rock up in joggers and a T-shirt for an office job!
  • Try practising your interview technique with friends - get them to ask you the usual questions (why are you applying, why are you suitable etc.).
  • Do some research - find out about the company that your interview is with because it makes you look SO much better in an interview.  The people on The Apprentice make the foolish mistake of not doing this every time!
  • Be friendly and SMILE - no-one wants to work with a misery guts!  And don't forget to say thank-you at the end!


If you want more job-related information then check out which has loads of useful stuff on there.