Mental Health: I Want Help!

There’s no denying it, mental health problems are on the rise.  Why?  Well, it’s complicated.  Not only are we identifying them more, but the pressures of modern life play a big part. 

What’s more important is that people can get help when they need it.  This is where we’re struggling - mental health services all over the country are being cut and people are finding it difficult to get support and treatment.

Always remember that your GP is there to provide help and can refer you to your local mental health service if needed.  Also, A&E is open 24 hours-a-day in case of crisis or emergency.  But what do you do if those aren’t right?  

Fortunately, there are a number of places online that you can go to get information and help.  Here are some I have found to be quite good (with clickable links)…


General Information & Advice

If you’re looking for general health information, including mental health, then check out NHS Choices which has loads of reliable information and links to other useful sites.  

For young people, check out The Site which gives great advice on all aspects of life in a YP-friendly way.


Mental Health Organisations & Charities

There are lots of mental health organisations and charities online.  There are so many that sometimes it all gets a little bit confusing and overwhelming, so stick to the ones you find useful!  Some of the sites that I think are good are:


MIND - excellent information on mental health topics for everyone

Young Minds UK - aimed mainly at children, young people and parents

Time To Change - does lots of work around stopping mental health stigma and discrimination - resource for people experiencing self-harm (and the guys behind brilliant self-help programme Alumina)

Anxiety UK - useful for sufferers of all kinds of anxiety

Befrienders Worldwide - provide information and emotional support to prevent suicide



Most of the online charities have helplines and are great if you need to talk to someone.  Helplines Partnership has a directory of helplines and a great search facility if you are looking for a specific one.  Also, NHS Choices has a useful list too.

Here are some others that might be helpful:


MIND - for all mental health-related information and support

Young Minds UK Parent Helpline - really useful for worried parents

Childline - 24/7 helpline for any child or young person going through a tough time and wanting to talk to someone

Samaritans - 24/7 helpline for adults in difficulty that need to speak to someone



Want to search for mental health services in your local area?  Check out these brilliant directories:


NHS Choices - lets you search for various services in your local area

IAPT - has a section where you can search for local anxiety and depression help

Counselling Directory - if you are looking for approved local counselling/therapy services


Useful Apps

More and more organisations are making Apps so that people can access help more easily.  Here are some good ones:


Stepfinder - developed by the guys at The Site and lets you find services local to you (for lots of different things)

WellhAppy - provides links to various different kidns of services for young people

DocReady - great for people who want to see their doctor about mental health but are nervous


Training Courses

If you are a professional or you work with people with mental health problems, it might be worth trying these excellent training resources:


UCanCope - aimed at building resilience and preventing suicide

MindEd - useful for all people working with children/young people with mental health issues