Holiday Essentials for Kids - Don't Forget the SOAPP!

Summer_Kids.jpgIt's coming up to that time of year when we start to plan our trips away.  It's hard enough to arrange holidays with kids in mind, but have you thought about what to take in case they get sick?

It would be great to pack a whole pharmacy, but that just isn't realistic (or possible!).  So here are 5 essentials that all kids' holiday kits should include…

Remember: S.O.A.P.P.




Children's skin is especially sensitive and vulnerable to the effects of too much sun exposure.  So make sure you pack a good sunblock with an SPF 30 and ensure it has good UVA protection (at least 4 stars).  Remember to use hats, take regular breaks from the sunshine and drink plenty too!



Tummy bugs can be picked up anywhere and on holiday is a common place.  Most of these are viral and treatment is often just supportive with rest and rehydration.  Take some sachets of oral rehydration solution (e.g. Dioralyte) with you just in case.  Make sure you make it up with sterile/cooled boiled water and you can use juice to flavour it if required.  Start with small amounts frequently and build up - remember to seek medical advice if worried about ongoing/worsening symptoms.



Allergies to something are possible at anytime in life and whilst on holiday is not the most convenient time for one to surface!  It's worthwhile packing some anti-allergy medication such as chlorphenamine (e.g. Piriton) just in case your child reacts to something.  Make sure you read the instructions and now when and how to use it first!  Always seek medical advice in the case of a severe allergy.



Paracetamol (e.g Calpol) should be part of everyone's medical kit.  It helps with pain and temperature control and can be used safely in a multitude of problems.  Always read the instructions to make sure you are dosing appropriately.



Kids are naturally curious and their exploring can lead to injuries.  Take some good quality plasters/bandages with you just in case you have any minor accidents.  Cuts and grazes can be washed with sterile/cooled boiled water prior to covering them up.


As always, if you are worried about your child make sure you seek medical attention - know what the local medical facilities are and where to seek help.  Travel insurance is useful and if you are a UK resident travelling to Europe it's good to have an EHIC card in case of emergencies (